Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hello from Africa,
Haha, the I pad makes silly auto-fill mistakes. Like saying it was Wes
who was hit with a moto. No, I was not hit. That was Elder Montross. Over
the months I've had a couple of close-ish calls (got clipped by
rear-view mirrors once) but I have no plans to ever actually be hit. 
As far as scorpions go, I've never seen one here, so I couldn't tell you.
Elder Layton is in a sector a bit farther North, maybe that's why.
Generally, I've never had any problems with safety and health. I know
that I'm being protected, I normally would be long overdue for
something by now.
Weather is about back to normal here. Harmattan officially ended. I
can't remember when rain starts again, I think it's about May. Just 4
months. We'll probably see a few sprinkles before then though. I'm
just praying that it isn't so cold back home a year from now. I do not
want to go from here to below-zero weather.
So fun experience of the week. We went to the baptismal service with
an investigator, and I got asked to play the piano. That wasn't too
bad. The awkward part was when the missionary leading the music felt
that he still needed to intone the hymn, and happened to choose a key
a full whole step down. Which meant I had to try transposing on the
spot while people sang. That was one of the more challenging things
I've ever done, musically speaking.
We still have two branches in the building for the moment. I believe
the building for the other branch has been bought, but they are
repainting it or something. In a week or two we should be back to 9 AM
church. For the apartment, nothing has changed. Literally every single
apartment has been touched by transfers in the last month.... except
us. It's obviously just a matter of time, but I'm not sure if it'll be
me or my companion leaving first. I did get the chance to talk to the
new Elders that just came in, already found my crazy Mormon connection
with two of them. Hill Cumorah Pageant has been wonderful for that.
I really like the area we are working in, and I love most of our
investigators..... I just don't know how to get them to come to
church. That has been my biggest problem in Togo. Other than that,
we've been working really hard and have seen some success. We did get
the two sons of the Anti family to come to church yesterday, and that
went well.
Thanks for always keeping me updated on people's mission calls as much
as you do. Looks like I will have a bunch of homecomings I'll be able
to attend.
Interviews with President Weed this week, should be interesting, first
time in Togo. Also interesting because of the timing. You may not
remember this (well, I know you do mom), but this week will be my 1
year mark. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. In some ways, it
has all been great, I know I've grown in ways I never expected. In
other ways, I see I still have so far to go. Nothing like a mission to
help you see your faults and weaknesses. Probably one of the most
humbling experiences I've gone through is realizing that some of the
things I do are just annoying to other people. No one likes to think
that it's their fault. I admire all of my companions for the massive
patience they've showed me.
As far as package stuff goes, I could use some more taco seasoning.
For Toiletries, Toothpaste and maybe 1 new toothbrush would be the
only things I would need. I still have well over half of my deodorant.
and I probably have enough floss for 3 more years. Don't think I need
new razors either. Hair gel, what I've been using is Suave hair
paste.... I think. I can never remember once I leave the apartment.
I love you all, very much
Elder Christensen

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