Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 2, 2013

Hello family and friends,
Well, I'm still hanging in here. Doing alright.
So update about my life right now. I'm district leader in the mission
office. My district consists of just our companionship though, so it
doesn't actually mean anything special. I don't even get to lead
district meeting, we do that with President Weed and he runs it. I
really am not doing much of anything actually, and it's starting to
get on my nerves. I don't mind the office work, it's important and
interesting. I learn a lot of stuff and get to be useful. It's when I
get done with my work.... and then we don't leave because the others
are still working. I know I've become stronger since being a
missionary, because if this had been at the beginning of my mission I
probably would have been all over the internet by now out of sheer
boredom, but for the moment I'm holding strong. Give it a month though
and I might cave if nothing changes.
We serve in the Gbegamey branch. It's a split off from the Gbedjromede
branch, but it was split before I got out here. Our companionship is
the only companionship in our apartment, which is weird. It's me,
Elder Burkhart, and Elder Tshizanga.
We got to greet new incoming missionaries this week, that was fun.
I got the two packages this last week. That was a lot of food. One of
the packages was slightly opened, most of the tootsy rolls were gone
by the time I got it. Didn't seem to be a rat this time though, much
too neat. I did a calorie count on the box. 22155 calories. Give or
take maybe 100, I had to guess on one or two small items. You sent me
more than 10000 calories of peanut butter. That's a lot. And it is
going to taste sooooo goood.
I have no time today. Sorry. Not that I actually did a lot worth
talking about anyways. I was mostly just kind of grumpy because I
wasn't doing anything.
Love you all.
Elder Christensen

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