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April 27, 2013

Hi from Africa,

Well, this week was not as super busy as last week, but it still was not a normal week. I'm not sure if those weeks exist in Africa.
Glad to hear that everything still seems to be going well back at home.

I had an interesting spiritual experience this week. There's a theme about life that the most important mental action occurs in or right after the shower. I think it's one of the only times most of us ever let ourselves just stop and ponder things. The main point is that one morning the scripture Ether 12:27 popped into my head with a personal connection. A few months ago, the idea of being in the mission office was almost scary. I really wasn't sure if I would trust myself to be around computers every day. When I worked in the JSPP office, I didn't have a 100% record (sorry Kay, my bad). Since I have been in the mission office, however, things have gone really well. I haven't really even been tempted much to misuse the computers. It was really impressed upon me that this weakness has become a strength. I haven't given in. That was a ray of sunshine that helped me come out of a little slump.

In other news, I just got to show President Weed how to log off of his facebook account. I hope I kept a straight face.

In other other news, I'm currently nibbling on some orange flavored chocolate direct from Ghana that Sister Weed brought back for us. It isn't very sugary, but it tastes pretty good. Did I mention that I eat oranges sometimes now? Of course, the oranges here are almost just lemons, and my teeth feel funny afterwards. But hey, conquered that food too. I'm honestly not sure what is left. I conquered most of my old picky eating habits. Scratch that, I'm still not huge on green beans.

Well, I accidentally forgot my planner, so I lost a lot of the stories that I wanted to share this week, I'll try to get a few in though.
Oh yeah, did I ever mention that I bought a little drum for a souvenir? That's been almost a month. It's just been sitting here in the office, I like to strum my fingers on it from time to time. It looks cool, trust me. 

We had lots of fallen appointments this week. I think its time to really push to find new investigators again. We did get a new contact this week from a member. She was talking to someone who was interested. This contact? One of the only female guards I have ever seen in Africa. Kind of like that time we went to Washington D.C. and it took us 3 days to see a white security guard.  

On Monday I spent at least 4 hours in a car. It was tiring. First we had to go sign on that new apartment. Then we came back into the city to drop off our Realtor that found us the apartment, then headed all the way out to Cococodji to pick up one of the Elders there for a medical appointment (yes, the medical mess continued.) Then we brought him back into the city, then at the end of the day we took them home (it is really hard for them to get taxis home, they are so far out [technically, they are only maybe 15 kilometers from the city center, but it takes well over an hour to get there]). Yes I took a couple of little videos on my camera. 

The other side of that is that we had to go get gas for the car. That could have been challenging. We are starting a gas shortage here, so we filled up while we could. Funnily, a half hour later we were back at the station to fill up some tanks for the generator for the mission office. This time we got in straight away. Probably because it was two white guys in shirts and ties holding giant tanks in a line full of motos. We where there only about 5 seconds before someone came to serve us.

I had a brilliant Macgyver moment this week while trying to figure out how to take a photo of an x-ray. If you can figure out how I used paper towels to do it, 15 points to your Hogwarts house. Now, the slightly embarrassing part is that I then proceeded to email those photos to the wrong address. Oh well, no one is perfect.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I have few spiritual moments/teaching moments. I do have them, but they take a little longer to type. 

Responses to questions
Yeah I think I would be okay with staying in the office for a while. It's challenging, but my current motto is "never a dull moment." I'm not sure what will happen this next week though. The transfer just got a little derailed, I believe President is rearranging things as I type. Among others, my companionship will almost definitely go down to just two Elders. Good thing I didn't spill the beans to anyone about where they were being transferred though.   
Not too many people are emailing me for the moment. Two friends on missions in California write me little blurbs almost every week, and then I get random letters from time to time from other friends. It's kind of nice because it helps me keep down the temptation to get on email at other times, but at the same time, everyone likes mail. Every missionary likes snail mail too, which has been even lower for me lately. Just saying.
As far as things that I need..... I don't think there is too much. Scratch that, Elder Burkhart is telling me that I need another bottle of Jdawgs sauce. I've really enjoyed those little Tide single load things you've been sending, it makes my sheets nice and soft. I guess I would like some pens. 
Conference talks have not officially come in yet. That being said, Elder Semken has printed off a couple of them for us to read as we sit waiting for medical appointments and test results. I loved Elder Holland's talk. Elder Cardon's was probably my favorite though of the ones that I have been able to read.
About an MP3 player.... On the one hand, it would be good because my CD player is back on the fritz. On the other hand, I have seen so many missionaries have problems with MP3 players. Obedience, not technical. I don't know if I would want an MP3 player. I know you wouldn't put any bad music on it, but it is super easy to put music on those things. Maybe if you were to fill it completely up, with conference talks and the like too. I'll think about it and give you a real response next week.
Well, I love you a lot mom, sorry I didn't say it enough back at home
Elder Christensen

so I haven't finished the main email. Why? because I've been asked to make a copy of everything we have for that one sick elder because he is going home. Never a dull moment (and never a p-day without impositions). I am going to finish that email, I'm just trying to copy a cd with a uroscan on it.
Elder Christensen

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