Sunday, August 11, 2013

July 6, 2013

Hello from Africa,
You're at pageant! I would have totally listened to the music today, but it turns out I killed my CD player. So no dice there. Sounds like everyone has fun parts. I'm sure Wes won't even have to show up to rehearsals, he should have that thing down. 

Missionary work is going pretty well, but it has been a little crazy lately. Yesterday was one of those days. But Tomorrow is Sunday and everything will be good! Then the next week starts and it will be crazy again with transfers and everything. Can you believe that I only have 4 transfers left? That's weird. 

Good news! I rediscovered the joy that is tuna fish this week! Unfortunately it is a little expensive here. But fortunately, I like it. So we will make that work somehow. 

President just finished planning the transfers. I'm staying in the office. Surprise! My bet is I leave in October.  

The fourth of July wasn't a big deal here. Even less so because I am the only American in my apartment. I just bought some cookies and a Sprite and called it good. It'll be interesting to celebrate that back in the US next year (oh wait, I think I'll be at pageant. Never mind).

I had an interesting thought yesterday as I was driving some Elders to the medical clinic. I know the city of Cotonou better than I know Salt Lake City. If you tell me the name of a quartier here, I can almost always tell you where it is, even if I don't know everything in it. But all the suburbs of salt lake? Bonne chance. I still have no idea where Sugar House technically is. 
I've run into an interesting snag that I don't know the answer to. All of a sudden, I've had a couple of new insights into temple symbology and what-not. Do I write those down? I don't want to forget them, but I don't want just anyone picking it up and reading it either. 

I would say don't worry too much about spirituality for the Cast Team mom. Just have them role play on each other, or have Wes/other RMs come and share stories. 

I had an intense gospel visual parable the last day or two. We've had a couple more medical cases come up (I've determined that that happens every time President decides to spend more than 3 days in Togo). One of the missionaries has been a little less than willing to take the medicine prescribed. I just have this image of our Heavenly Father with a giant cosmic medical spoon full of "challenges medicine" and us refusing to open our mouths. "It won't taste good!" "I don't want it!" "It needs to be blue" "Make it chewable!" And all the while he is standing there telling us "no, this is good for you, trust me. It will make things better." Now, don't get me wrong. Most of the time I am that bratty little child who doesn't want to take his medicine. Sometimes I'd much rather that everything be easy and simple. I am astounded at our Heavenly Father's patience with all of us. I'm also very aware with that imagery that, if we would just accept his will, things would go so much easier and quickly. The trick is discerning the medicine from everything else.

Ooohh, pancakes and nutella...... That sounds delicious. I think I'll be gaining weight pretty fast when I get home. 

I don't think you are really in much of a place to send me stuff right now mom :o) (according to my dictionary, that is how French people make smiley faces). 
Ok, didn't have much time today. 
Love you all, have fun!
Elder Christensen

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