Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 18, 2012

Yes, it's been an incredibly busy week. So much stuff happens as a
missionary, a week should only be boring if you're stuck on your bed
sick. There have been a lot of ups and downs this week. I've hit some
new highs, but I've also been humbled in some new ways. C'est la vie,
n'est-ce pas?
A couple of days ago I thought about how patient my companion has
actually been with me. With all my little quirks and faibles, and
especially the language barrier, it's absolutely incredible. It kind
of punctured a little hole in my bubble, realizing that I wasn't
actually as good as I thought I was. That bubble has a lot of holes in
it now. Which is good. Eventually, we'll get to the point where we can
start ripping off the pieces and see whats underneath. Yeah it'll be
painful, but it'll be worth it. That's one of the biggest points of a
mission after all. The biggest kicker was that I studied patience just
a few days before that, and totally missed the point that I was
supposed to get. That's possibly what smarted the most.
Good news. I was cold last night with the fan on. I'm acclimatized now
(the computer is running on French spell check, it doesn't know how to
spell that word. And single other word is red lined.).
Probably the two biggest things of the week happened at the opposite
ends. On Tuesday the Southam couple left the mission. They also left
us a bunch of food supplies. Let me tell you, alfredo sauce tastes
about a million times better when you've had tomato and onion sauce
for the last 3 months. So they get a huge thank you for all of that.
The other big news for the week actually just happened. I'm getting a
new companion! This evening, in fact. It's very sudden, and we don't
really have any idea what's going on. But Elder Ntengo will be leaving
me and I'll be getting Elder Kbunga (I don't know the spelling, but I
think it's that) to be my new companion. He's Congolese too. That
makes 3 official companions over the course of my first 12 weeks in
Africa, and about a week and a half where I didn't have a steady
companion. I wonder if the Lord wants me to learn how to adapt?
Other news from this last week includes getting the General Conference
edition of the Liahona! I devoured that, it was so good. Also,
incredibly focused on the family. Have all general conferences done
that? I've never really noticed it before. I hope you guys have gone
back and read some of the conference talks. Even if you have, I
challenge you guys to read President Ucthdorf's talk about mercy
during FHE tonight. These talks really are inspired. Also, they now
have video archives online back to 1971. I'm definitely hitting that
up when I get back.
 I also got a real letter from Rosie Merrill. She doesn't know about
the blog, but thank you! That's my first personal actually mailed
letter I've received so far. So Rosie, you win a shout out and a
prize. Everyone else, feel free to write me too. First prize is taken,
but there are other fabulous prizes which are still available.
Not to add one more thing to your large pile of pageant preparation,
but have you put the head on Flat-me yet? And if so, could you send a
picture of it? I need to know if I look good. haha. Personally, I vote
that you stop in Nauvoo. It really is an experience that shouldn't be
missed. Eat some fudge for me.
Yes they do have Father's day here, and it's even on the same day. The
primary got up and did a little song, it was cute. I got wished a
happy father's day by a couple of members, that was a first. I don't
know why they hold mothers day on a different day, but keep fathers
day the same. Oh Africa.
 And Yeah, they are doing a third season of
Sherlock. They approved it at the same time as season 2, but kept it a
secret for a long time in order to have a lot of fun with the
cliffhanger. That's what the internet told me before I left, anyway.
It's interesting to see the little details that stick, and which ones
have faded. I've forgotten the lyrics of most of the songs I used to
listen too.
I don't remember if the Fon guide was an ebook or not. It very well
could be. We'll take what we can get. Maybe the mission will end up
printing up some copies. You never know. The people here absolutely
love it when we speak Fon, even when we only know a few words. I can
pretty much only say "welcome" and different variations on good bye.
The first convert we had since I've been here was called as the Young
Mens President yesterday. That's a bit of a jump. He still only has
the Aaronic Priesthood himself. It was amazing to go over to his house
yesterday evening and find him sitting there with the manual and his
scriptures, planning away for the lesson next week. He's going to do a
great job.
I recently decided that John is my favorite Gospel. Its just so good.
I wish I had read a bit more in the New Testament before my mission. I
know all the stories, but not necessarily where they are.
If you want to see something cool, try youtubing Reverend Maurice Mog.
I don't actually know if he's on youtube, but it's likely. He's some
sort of preacher guy who makes and sells music here. It's pretty
popular amongst the members. Personally, I have no idea what he's
saying, but I'm guessing it's  about the savior.
Well, it's time to get back to the work. It won't happen on it's own.
That's not His plan.
Elder Christensen

PS, remember all of those drink pouch things you sent me with? Yeah,
turns out only the grape ones were caffinated. I should have looked
closer. Cherry Limeade never tasted so good.

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