Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Wow, sometimes I can't believe how fast a week can go. Or how much one
can do in a single week. Elder Kabongo showed up a little after my
email last week. Since then we have been working almost non-stop. It's
been really good for me I think, even though I'm tired all the time.
I've seen some language improvement for sure, and I'm participating
more in lessons too. It also has just been nice to see another style
of teaching, I was starting to feel like Elder Ntengo and I were
getting into a rut.
At church yesterday I found some drink cans in one of the rooms. They
were Gold Cow energy drink. I had a good laugh about that.
I got Jacob's graduation announcement yesterday. That was really cool.
It's hard to believe that he's passed that point already (according to
the stamps, it showed up in the post office in Cadjehoun after about a
week, and then sat there for the rest of the month).
We are officially in the rainy season. The irony is that it has
actually stopped raining a bit. But it's cool. I'm actually kind of
cold at night with the fan on. I may have said that last week. So you
may actually be warmer than me out at pageant. But if anyone gets uppy
out there, just turn the AC to pure fan and no cool. That's about the
best I get 90 percent of the time.
This week I've really learned a lot about humility. I've run across
some situations that, honestly, I don't know how to help these people.
Take Simone, for example. She's the sister of a member that we met
this last week. Two years ago, her husband ran away with the kids, and
she recently found out that he actually is still living in Cotonou,
she just doesn't know where. She also works in a voodoo household as
basically a maid/nanny, and they don't want her to take the time off
on Sundays to come to church. Her story is a little bit unique, but
lots and lots of people have trials that I honestly can't begin to
comprehend. It's really humbling for me to just have to do the best I
can and let the Lord do the rest.
As far as replacing the Southams, not exactly. The Church is letting
the apartment go. There is a new couple that apparently will be coming
in in the fall, but I believe that they will be staying in the Bureau
with the Leavitts. That, or they will be staying in Togo full time.
I know of an Elder that went home about a month ago for medical
reasons, but not more recently. He went home due to a foot problem I
think. The Elder that was hit by a moto is still here.
Thank you for everything, but I'm out of time. Had some screen issues,
and we've got to go to an appointment. Love and peace and the gospel,

Elder Christensen

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