Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 11, 2013

Dear Mom (I love you!),
Africa is still just about as crazy as ever. It has been a very
interesting time in Finagnon. It is not a new area, the branch was
created right about the time I got to Africa. But my particular area
was closed for a few weeks and then the new elder got sick, so not
much got done. Things are hard, but not impossible. Something that I
love about the area is that the houses are really cool. The name of
the neighboorhood is "embassy zone", because initially the idea was to
have a bunch of embassies there. Then that didn't work out, but it is
still really cool looking. But Door to Door is a little challenging
because rich houses mean either the person is muslim, not home, or not
interested. We are working on it though and we have a few
investigators. President Weed called us the other day to explain that
we are co-senior companions, but that Elder Lala is district leader.
I'm not fussed about that, but it is still a little weird. President
said that I may be with Elder Lala to the end, he isn't sure yet. I am
not in Elder Gray's apartment, but I am in his zone. He's doing good,
we had a basketball activity this morning. The two Elders in my
apartment are Elder Ritchie and Elder Boto, our zone leaders. Elder
Ritchie is one of the most level missionaries I know, and Elder Boto
and I were in Doumassesse together and I really like him.
Yes I am playing the piano again. Unfortunately, there is ZERO air
circulation where they put the piano. I about melted yesterday. And
then afterward, no less than 6 people walked up and asked me to teach
them piano. I'm sorry, but even if you had a piano at home and you
practiced an hour a day I probably couldn't get you up to simplified
hymns in 6 weeks....
The last few days we have had a giant wedding going on in our street.
Like they put up tents and chairs in the middle of the street. This is
not unusual actually. But the music was loud. It has been a little
hard getting to sleep at night.
This morning I went and bought some fabric so I could get a set or two
of traditional clothes made. I need to do that before the Christmas
I don't think I will be able to get a monkey head (even if I can find
it, I doubt that is allowed through customs.
Oh yes, my tan is coming back very well. I've been out walking a lot
lately, and it has been making a difference. Not that you will see it,
I'll be so covered in coats and blankets.
For my homecoming talk I was thinking about talking about "putting
your confidence in God" or something like that. I think it would be a
good way to approach a faith talk. I was thinking about talking about
consecration, but then I realized that that would be difficult to come
up with good stories about members and what-not. Tell the Wades
congratulations for me, that will be very exciting for them. I'm not
too fussed about a musical number, if the Wades have something they
want to do that is cool.
I got an email from Grandma Christensen this week. I didn't know they
were already great grandparents! That was a shocker for me. One of our
elders lives in the ward over from them, I may bring some souvenirs
home for him (I'm already planning to bring some home for Elder Gray).
Did you ever find me an apartment? And what do you think I really need
to bring back (other than souvenirs)?
Someone in this cyber is playing Windows pinball, and it's making all
sorts of noises. Haha.
I'm in HTML simplified mode, I have no idea if this is a long email or not.
Oh yeah, this morning I found a little tiny Chinese supermarket. I
bought some candy and some beef jerky, it made me think about Jacob
I can't believe how fast time is going! This week is halfway through
November. That is just crazy.
Okay, I think I'm done for the week, I didn't have much time because
the guy in charge of the cyber was gone for like 20 minutes when I
first got here, I couldn't buy any hours until he showed up.
Elder Christensen

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