Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 2, 2013

Okay, this is a really weird email. As you may have noticed, I am not writing from  my myldsmail account. They are doing some work on the website and took it offline. They figured that no one would be using it on Saturdays ..... Oops. President Weed walked in and I asked him what to do. He said "you have a gmail right? Go ahead and use that." I don't think he would usually say that, but he knows that today is a very important day.
Why is today an important day? I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED. Tonight. This is a long but short story. One of our new missionaries has gotten very sick. He has spent the last 3 days with us here in the office and Elder Mary went out to Finagnon so that they could do some work in his area. Elder Quinlan is an amazing person, and he has handled being sick WAY better than I ever could. For perspective, he hasn't been able to eat anything for two weeks. Anything but water just keeps coming back up. I would have gone insane by this point if I were him. The doctors here can't figure out what is wrong with him, so he is going home tonight to get better care in the United States. Because this means the number of Elders is now even again, someone had to leave the office. We all assumed Elder Mary would just stay there. President informed me during the baptism that I would be transferred out. He told me to start packing my bags. I assumed he was just saying to get ready because he said he hadn't decided exactly where I would go. But he did decide because when we got to the office he said I would be heading out there this evening. We are all kind of shocked. So I'm heading out to Finagnon to serve with Elder Lala Hariniaina for a bit, and then he will probably be transferred and I will stay there. I think. The office will be without an American for the first time in the history of the mission. Weird. I'm kind of happy about leaving, but at the same time, It's weird to have it happen so fast. I'm really kind of disappointed that I won't get to say goodbye to anyone. I'm also kind of confused because I have no idea who is what in this companionship. He was district leader, but I'm about to go home. is he now junior companion? or am I junior? At any rate, the other companionship in the apartment is two of my favorite Elders in the mission, so that will be really fun. 
In other news, We had a baptism service this morning. Habiba has been progressing really well, it was a good service. More of our branch members attended than usual.
We had zone conferences this week. That was a lot of fun. Sometimes the talks tend to be about a lot of the same topics from conference to conference, but they really do help motivate and lift spirits. Plus, it's always fun to talk to everyone. This was my last zone conference, I got to bear my testimony. I remember the testimonies given at my first conference, it was interesting to reflect back on that. I didn't say too much, I kept it pretty short. 
Oh, by the way. Since I'm getting transferred, my p-day is getting changed back to Mondays. I will write again then. But hopefully that time it will be back on myldsmail.
Hmm, I can't remember much else of what happened this week. I'm just floored for the moment. Hopefully I will remember more on Monday.

Okay, love you a lot!
Elder Christensen 

PS Happy Birthday Wes!

A very nice letter and picture from Sister Semken

Hello Sister Christensen, Today, Elder Semken and I had lunch with Elder Christensen and the Akpakpa Apartment, they won the cleanest apartment with the Jericho apartment this month. Elder Christensen was with us to translate for us, when earlier we went and looked at some property in Avotrou. Then we went to lunch. It was really fun to be with these wonderful missionaries. Elder Christensen and Elder Gray (who he knows from High School) had a lot of fun talking. I remembered I took this picture a while a go. They keep dumping sand right in front of President Weed's garage. He has a hard time backing out, so this day the missionaries and the guards went out and moved some of the sand. I just wanted to let you know again what a wonderful missionary Elder Christensen is. He is so responsible and always does the right thing. Elder Semken and I could not do our jobs without him. The time is going so fast for us. We will really miss him when he goes home in December. I was very excited for you and your family that he will be home for Christmas, almost! 
Sister Semken

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