Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 18, 2013

Dear Family,

You got me an Electric blanket? YES!
I think I may still bring home a couple of pairs of pants or something. I may need some padding for some of the souvenirs. BTW, do I have permission to leave a bag here if I don't need it? In other news, I got one set of clothes made, it works pretty well. I'm going to get the second one made this week. I'm going to ask if the guy can make me a suit vest out of the fabric. That would be cool. 
I'm sad to hear that Elder Quinlan is still sick. I really liked that guy. Hope that things go better soon. 
It's really hard to find flags here. They are pretty much just in Togo. I did see the picture of the Thinker. I know what that is, I think next Monday I'll go out and find a couple of those statues. I still haven't seen any nativities. Maybe because it wasn't Christmas season yet. I'll look next Monday.
I have been taking a couple of pictures of doors for you mom, I'll make sure to snag a couple more before I go home.
Yeah, I understand that aspect of not understanding why things happen the way they do. I struggled with that a couple of times in the mission office when I didn't understand why certain things were happening, and I've even had it a little bit in this new area. The trick is really just to plug on and wait for more light. Not easy.
Christmas wish - a giant box of mini candy canes.
The area here is going pretty well, although a lot of people don't respect the appointments we make with them. We actually have a family we have been teaching. It is a little hard because the wife does not really speak french, but they are doing pretty good. The husband has come to church several times already, and yesterday the whole family was able to come. I like that family a lot. We have a couple of other investigators that are pretty good, but not too many that progress. I was going through our area book, and I realized that only one person was baptized in our area in 2013. It's rough, but we are working on it.
I accidentally left the Jon Schmidt music at the office apartment because I was in a rush. :-(
Hey you know the Stake president of the Chinatown ward right? Maybe he could be at the airport when Elder Gundersen and I are there, and I could pass Jacob's gifts off? And/or a hot dinner could be included? If I don't ask, I know it won't happen.
Elder Christensen

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