Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Novemeber 4, 2013

Hello Everyone, 
Yep, I'm now in a new area and doing a lot more proselyting.
It's interesting. I've only really worked an afternoon in it so far.
Generally, there are a lot more Nigerians here than I'm used to. I
really don't like teaching Nigerians, it's almost impossible to
integrate them into the branches here and they require someone to
translate for them every week. There are some really nice buildings in
our area as well. I didn't really appreciate nice buildings until
being in the office. Elder Semken and I saw so many buildings that I
started getting a feel for that.

My zone leaders are two of my favorite missionaries. My companion is a
French/Malagach mix who likes to have fun. We still aren't sure who is
senior companion though. One of us is also district leader. I guess
we'll figure that out at some point.
Well, this week I guess I didn't really have much of a "big email."
This cyber is far from my favorite, it's hard to concentrate here.
This week I get to share one of the saddest stories a missionary can
share. On Saturday we baptized a woman from Burkina Faso. Saturday
evening I was transferred. This morning I get a call from my old
companions. The woman did not come to church Sunday morning, and in
the afternoon she called a member to say that she has gone back to
Burkina Faso. I have no idea at all why that happened, but it did. She
wasn't confirmed, and the church does not really have a presence in
Burkina Faso. Probably one of the worst phone calls of my mission.

In other news, the Finagnon apartment has hot water.That was surprising.
Zone conferences were this last week. That was fun.

Honestly, this last week has just been such a giant emotional
rollercoaster. Up, down, and sideways. Wow. But it went fast. I
thought the mission would start slowing down, but it still seems to be
zooming by.
Elder Christensen

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